More from Nigeria; This time it’s funny

I have previously written about scams originating from Nigeria, and how I’m amazed that these have enough of a success rate to prove to be profitable.

In that post, I also pointed to a This American Life podcast in which a few people who take it upon themselves to fight back were interviewed.  I thought, as usual, that the interview was excellent and I was a little in awe at these people who spent so much of their own effort to throw the scammers off and waste their time.bensmash

Lo and behold, in some random browsing a few months ago I stumbled on this page from a former co-worker Ben.  Ben is a pretty funny guy and this is right in line with his sense of humor.  I absolutely love these.  Way to go Ben.

You really need to click through a few of these to fully appreciate the effort that Ben has gone into.   It’s well worth the time to read through these.  It will be one of the funnier things you do this week, I guarantee.

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