Summer snow


Fresh snow makes for good tracking. In addition to human and dog we’ve also seen mouse, squirrel, deer and bear.

Quick update from Torres Del Paine

I´m in Torres Del Paine park in Chile trekking through incredible terrain.  On this night I´m at one of the fancier ´refugios´ in the park, so they even have internet access.

I wanted to quickly check-in with email to make sure that everything´s OK at home and I  had to buy 30 minutes of time, so I figured I´d write a quick note.

This park is really amazing.  The Refugios are just what they should be (though this one is a little over the top): simple rest stops for the weary hiker.  A bed, a beer, a dinner, and a warm atmosphere.  We really need more hut-to-hut options in the states.

The scenery has been fantastic.  I look forward to downloading my photos onto a computer so that I can check them out on a big screen.

Looking forward to the next few days of trekking and checking out glaciers before heading back to civilization.