planning a trip to Buenos Aires and Patagonia

So the idea was pretty simple at least.

With some unexpected time off from work, take advantage of the break and take a little trip.  Being last minute in nature, this trip will be a solo adventure.

A quick scan of airfares of interesting destinations lead to Buenos Aires.  Other options included Bangkok for another tour of S.E. Asia but the idea of going someplace new was enticing.  Santiago, Chile was a possibility with access to Patagonia but Buenos Aires was more than $200 cheaper and also promised to be a sight to visit in its own right (and Patagonia also accessible).

So the ticket was purchased and now the planning comes into play.

It’s always tough planning a trip for an unknown destination.  The usual comes into play: the internet, Get Lost bookstore and advice from friends.  An provided info on Buenos Aires and Lisa helped with Patagonia info.  Patagonia was the most daunting as it’s a huge area so getting around would be a concern, as would seeing some classic sights.

All this started 5 days ago for a trip that begins next week.  Here’s where I am currently:

  • As indicated, flying into and out of Buenos Aires
  • Spending 2 nights in Buenos Aires
  • flying into Patagonia (Argentinian side)
  • bus (hopefully – nothing secured as yet) into Torres del Paines National Park
  • trek around Torres del Paine, sleeping in refugios (hut-to-hut hiking)  This has tentatively been arranged as of now.  will hopefully secure in the next day..

I then have a few more days in Patagonia before a flight back to Buenos Aires where I’ll have several days before the flight back home.  This is all yet to be planned out (and may remain that way until I get there… we’ll see).

The goals of this trip are to see some awesome scenery in Torres del Paine and Patagonia and see what Buenos Aires is all about.  I haven’t yet read anything else about other sights in Patagonia or Buenos Aires or possible daytrips around Buenos Aires.  I’ll leave plenty of flexibility around this part of the trip to see what piques my interest.

I’ve started my pile o’crap which I’ll have to weed through in order to keep from breaking my back..  Right now the plan is to bring 2 decent sized bags, essentially 1 for Buenos Aires and 1 for Patagonia – well, that’s exactly what it will be.. I’ll leave 1 bag behind in B.A. to be collected when I return from Patagonia.  That way I’ll bring only the necessary outdoor adventure gear with me to Patagonia, which will then stay packed away when I’m in Buenos Aires.

I’m looking forward to this!